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Apr. 21st, 2013

02:19 pm - Fanfiction Recs

Hi everyone! So I just recently got into the whole South Park fandom, and I also recently created a fanfiction recommendations community, and I just wanted to share it with everyone here, if that's okay. It's for more than just the South Park fandom, but I created it at the same time that I was most addicted to the South Park fandom, so for now, all I've really been posting are recs for South Park fics that I really enjoyed. I hope maybe you'll find something there you'd enjoy as well.


Oct. 5th, 2012

11:34 am - Kelsey Queef

This is a "South Park" fanfic I wrote in honor of National Coming Out Day 2012.

Title: Kelsey Queef.

Pairing: A Queef sister sibling and a fiance(e).

Rated: PG

Author: Mel-pa

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Jul. 12th, 2011

07:19 pm - New Kenny/Pip Fic

 Title: Drugs and Deities
Rating: M
Length: Ongoing.
Pairing: Kenny x Pip
Description: What would you do if you finally found someone who didn't judge you? What would you do if you both ruined each other's lives in the process? Penny.
Author: xenanutra www.fanfiction.net/~mewtow mewtow.deviantart.com/
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7167937/1/Drugs_and_Deities

Jan. 12th, 2011

07:51 pm - New Chap Dip Fic

 New Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4802626/7/Outcasting_English
Rating: M
Length: Ongoing. (Currently 7)
Pairing: Damien x Pip
Description: "I cannot wait to see the day when your rotten carcass will be stripped away by the hungry mouths of worms." If there was one thing Phillip Pip Pirrup knew, it was that he really knew nothing at all. Not your normal lovey-dovey slash.
Author: xenanutra www.fanfiction.net/~mewtow mewtow.deviantart.com/
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4802626/1/Outcasting_English

Dec. 10th, 2010

11:19 am - Holiday Rage

Happy Holidays from Butters in South Park--save him from his parents!

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Sep. 11th, 2010

10:29 am - Rescue a Quron Day

Today is Butter's birthday--September 11th. So I'm posting this story straight out of the headlines:

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Sep. 3rd, 2010

10:46 am - No Country for Young Boys

This is so short, I didn't cut it.

Guess which movie I'm referencing here?

Trent (Remember "Preschool") has been released again from jail and is looking for the boys to extract revenge having failed before ending up being sent back to jail after the boys convinced the cops he set their former preschool teacher on fire a second time.

Stan is hiding in a motel armed with a bb gun sitting on a bed. He watchs shaddows of footsteps under the door. Suddenly the lock on the door pops off. The door is openning. Stan fires the bb gun.

Stan flees the motel through a window. He finds himself being pursued by Trent. They fire bb guns at each other. Both are hit. Stan tried to stop a pick up truck but Trent hits the driver. Stan fires at Trent and hits him again. Stan escapes.


Trent limps to a medical supply store and spots a car in front.
He removes the cap on the gas tank, then whips out a rag. Lighting the rag he places it into the gas tank. Trent quickly steps away form the car and it explodes. Having created a diversion he goes into the medical supplies store and steal supplies (a little pack of boo boo band-aids, disinfectant, and a tweezer) to treat his wounds.

Jun. 24th, 2010

11:49 am - Big Yellow Taxi

Title: "Big Yellow Taxi"

Rated: R for language.

I don't own South Park.

This story is a work in progress (this line will be removed when I'm finished with the story).

Summary: Kerry Perry gets two tickets to the Raging Pussys concert and wants to take a girlfriend with former ties with the band also calls Kyle as a guest--how does that work out?

Read more...http://mel-pa.livejournal.com/10081.html

Oct. 25th, 2006

11:59 pm - Butters searches for a way


Apr. 6th, 2006

07:32 am - A brief history of fandom

So I am sitting here working on a South Park multimedia project (you will probably never see the result because I would get sued :( ), and I realized the exact minute that I became a life-long South Park fan.
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